Multifamily Asset Management Services

Who needs asset management services?

  • Multifamily owners that need help keeping their property management company in-line and within budget
  • Multifamily owners that want to take a step back and enjoy life while knowing their property are in good hands
  • Multifamily Syndication groups that need a change of leadership
  • Multifamily owners that face challenges with attention to details and keeping track of the bottom line.

What can we do for you?

  • We work with the you, the owners, to set goals and clear exit/hold strategy
  • We work with the you, the owners, to setup an OpEx and CapEx budget for the property to achieve the goals set for the investment
  • We can help evaluate the existing property management and in case of need, facilitate an evaluation and selection process for the best property management company for your property
  • We will keep a close monitoring of the property management company.
  • We will work with the owners and the property management company to plan, execute and track an operation efficiency improvement plan (OEIP)
  • We will identify value add opportunity for the property from our database of hundreds of income generating and expense decreasing strategies.

What don’t we do?

  • We are not a property management company. While we do have preferred partners in the multifamily property management industry we provide asset management services that complement and enhance the property management company’s results.
  • We will not step into a leadership battle within a syndication group. We can come in after the vote was made and the group is ready for new asset management.
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