Eureka Business Group is an independent brokerage with a licensed Texas Real Estate Broker on staff and can provide full commercial broker services for Texas Owners and Investors.

In addition to all of our Multifamily Sellers Services and Multifamily Buyers Services we provide having a Texas Real Estate Broker License on file allows us to collaborate with other commercial brokers to facilitate smooth transactions for our buyers and sellers.

We have access to multiple databases to search for your next property and we have direct marketing campaigns constantly reaching out to multifamily property owners with offers of value.

If you are considering selling your property we would love to have a conversation with you about it. No commitments, no pressure, just a friendly conversation about the market and what you could get for your property in today’s environment (Hint: it’s a sellers market!).

Please feel free to call us during business hours or use our contact form and let us know a little about you and your property.


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