We welcome your referrals! 

We will reward your efforts with the following: 

Referral Fees – Only for licensed real estate professionals! 
Referral fees for any commercial real estate transaction you send our way. That will be 25% of whatever commission we earn. For instance, if an average commercial transaction of $1M generates $40,000 to $60,000 in commission, you will receive $10,000 to $15,000 as a referral fee! 
You are not only helping us, but you are also earning money by only giving us referrals. 

Quality Service – Always 
We promise that we will delight your customer with the same level of care they learned to expect from you and your team. This is because we want everyone to grow with us. We believe that by providing your customers with quality service, they will associate this service with you and come back for more in the future. This way, we are building a community where everyone has a chance to grow and succeed. 

Commercial Real Estate Expertise 
Commercial real estate is complicated and usually takes long time from LOI to closing. We can help your referral navigate through these waters. 

Start sending referrals to us and enjoy these rewards today! 


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