Multifamily Consulting Services

Our multifamily consulting services are available for multifamily owners, syndication groups, family offices and anyone that can benefit from an overall assessment of the property condition. 

When to use multifamily consulting services?

  • When you are getting ready to refinance and need to get the max value from the appraisal 
  • When you are getting ready to sell and need to build an attractive proposition to buyers 
  • When you feel the property is not managed efficiently by the on-site team or property management. 
  • When you are considering a transition to a new property management company 
  • When the revenue is high but the profits are low 
  • When you are facing a large rehab project 
  • When you are getting ready to buy your first multifamily property 
  • When you are considering a cost segregation strategy 
  • When the numbers just don’t add up. 
  • When you need to increase revenue by creating additional sources of income in a creative way 
  • When you need to decrease expenses by identifying operations inefficiencies  
  • When you got a big bill from the county for next year’s taxes 
  • When the numbers just don’t add up. 

What Multifamily Consulting Services really mean? 

We are not experts at anything. No one is. What we DO have is a great team of partners with extensive knowledge and decades of combined experience in multifamily that we bring with us to the table. 

Our partner specialists include: 

  • Property management experts 
  • Engineers 
  • General contractors that specialize in multifamily rehabs 
  • Real estate lawyers 
  • CPAs that specialize in real estate 
  • Underwriting specialists 
  • Commercial lending experts 
  • Property tax experts 

Why use our Multifamily Consulting Services? 

The fact is that you could use our partners directly. However, we bring value in the overall arching strategy. We will be dealing with multiple partners on your behalf and will coordinate between the different teams to come up with one execution plan. We can also work with your team through the execution phase and see it to completion. 

If you’d like to hear more about our services and how we can help your property shine, please reach out to us through our Contact Us form.