Navigating the 2023 Real Estate Market: Buy Now or Wait It Out?

In this video, Joseph Gozlan from the Eureka Business Group discusses the current state of the real estate market in 2023. With inflation soaring, high-interest rates, and declining property prices due to reduced availability of money, many are unsure whether to buy real estate or wait. Gozlan compares these conditions to the last recession in 2007-09, highlighting the similarities. Joseph notes that while property prices may continue to decrease, the dwindling availability of funding due to banks’ reluctance to lend is a significant issue. He predicts a “race to the bottom,” whereby property prices will be at their lowest, but securing funding will be extremely challenging, much like in 2009-2010. Joseph advises his viewers to focus on the long-term game, drawing on the analogy “You marry the property, you date the interest rate.” He emphasizes that, in the long run, the value of the property is what matters the most, as interest rates can be renegotiated during refinancing. Finally, Joseph Gozlan highlights emerging opportunities in the industrial and retail sectors, where high-quality properties with national-level tenants are trading these days at 6.5% to 8% cap, creating potential for great deals and an opportunity for those interested in building legacy wealth. He encourages his audience not to wait too long to invest, emphasizing the importance of seizing good opportunities when they can still secure a decent loan. Despite the uncertainties, Joseph believes that we are currently in the “opportunity zone,” indicating a promising time for real estate investment.

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