Multifamily Inspection Services

Multifamily Inspection Services. Inspecting a multifamily property requires experienced team, a methodical approach to capture all possible data, Aggregation of findings and then the interpretation of the findings into a comprehensive report alongside bids from contractors. 

Our inspection services include: 

Phase 1 – Pre-inspection preparations 

On this phase we will review the property location, identify possible specialty contractors that will need to be involved (e.g. elevator inspectors) and enter the property’s recent rent roll into the lease audit formats. 

Phase 2 – On-Site inspections 

  • Our experienced teams will walk all units or a large sample of them (depends on size of property and budget) 
  • Each inspected unit will have a form filled that covers all the important items to be reviewed (e.g. leaks, appliances, flooring condition, etc.) 
  • Our teams carry cameras and will take many pictures to provide visual evidence to the findings reported on the form. 
  • Our trusted vendors will walk the property reviewing: 
  • Roofs 
  • Parking lot & carports 
  • Sidings, staircases, landings, etc. 
  • Pool 
  • Mail center 
  • Leasing office 
  • Gym 
  • Laundry facilities 
  • Maintenance shops 
  • Dog parks 
  • Perimeter lights 
  • Perimeter Fences & gates 
  • Other items as needed 
  • A licensed plumber will be performing inspection on the sewer lines running cameras under the buildings. 
  • A licensed pest control professional will inspect the property and provide a full report including treatment plans. 
  • Our leasing specialists will perform a thorough lease audit reviewing all lease files and comparing them to the provided rent roll. 

Phase 3 – Verbal finding report 

At the end of each inspections day we will meet with you and your team (on site or over the phone/web) and share our findings and our plans for the next day. We might recommend performing additional specialty inspections or that you ask for additional documentation from the sellers. 

Phase 4 – The written report 

Once we compile all the findings from the inspection teams, the unit forms, the lease audit results and other materials, we will provide a comprehensive report: 

Inspection Findings Report – a full comprehensive report that describes our findings accompanied by multiple pictures and mitigation recommendation and bids from 3rd party contractors to remediate the issues discovered. This report is for you to be able to create a Capital Expense budget for rehab/repairs (and if needed retrade with the seller). 

Phase 5 – Report review 

Once you get some time to read through our comprehensive inspection report we will review the report with you and your team and will answer any questions you might have regarding the findings, the severity or costs of the items that were reported.